Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shinigami Lovers

The chain of Thanatos’ lover! It is an invisible chain used by a Shinigami the moment he takes the soul of a mortal who’s going to die.

Miku’s accidental death due to the system crash of the database of the Death World causes her to be literally tied up to Sei, a Shinigami, with a chain called the Thanato’s lover. She and Sei are bound to be tied up until she can fully live her entire life span. But what will happen if the two will fall in love to each other?

Well, this manga is another shoujo delight. It’s actually a quick read because it’s only composed of 12 chapters and a special story at the ending. If you’re used to seeing a very tall, gawky, and ugly Shinigami like those characters in Deathnote then you better think twice. Hehehe!

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judy said...

i loved this manga i read it from onemanga. sadley i cant buy it in english so im saving the scans to a document and then print it only way if you know were i can buy a english verson tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz. and how much,were it is. what site or store and how much 4 both volume 1 & 2