Thursday, November 27, 2008

2nd Otaku Festival in Cebu

After the successful First Otaku Festival held at UP Cebu grounds last February of 2008, here comes another round of event for local anime and manga lovers. The OTAKU FEST 2.0! “THE SAGA CONTINUES!”

This festival will be held at the same venue this 13th of December 2008 from 1pm to 9pm. There will be on-the-spot poster making contest, logo making competition, digital photography, dance competition, cosplay, DOTA, and a lot, lot more. The registration time for contestants will be from 12:30 to 1:00pm.

Please check this link for the tentative program flow. You can also contact or 09064656752 for further details and inquiries.

Photo Credits: UP Otaku

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shinigami Lovers

The chain of Thanatos’ lover! It is an invisible chain used by a Shinigami the moment he takes the soul of a mortal who’s going to die.

Miku’s accidental death due to the system crash of the database of the Death World causes her to be literally tied up to Sei, a Shinigami, with a chain called the Thanato’s lover. She and Sei are bound to be tied up until she can fully live her entire life span. But what will happen if the two will fall in love to each other?

Well, this manga is another shoujo delight. It’s actually a quick read because it’s only composed of 12 chapters and a special story at the ending. If you’re used to seeing a very tall, gawky, and ugly Shinigami like those characters in Deathnote then you better think twice. Hehehe!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Love Monster

A very entertaining shoujo by mangaka Miyagi Riko. Hehehe! I just finished reading the whole series which is composed of 82 chapters. The monster world is indeed one of the most interesting and magnificent world the human mind had created.

Love Monster is definitely a one of a kind manga! It is very pleasurable to read and the main character is very funny. You can’t help but laugh your ass off as you’re flipping each page chapter by chapter. Miyagi Riko is a very playful writer. You’ll surely love Hiyo and Kurou, the most powerful love monsters in history!

My 1/3 Boyfriend

If you don't have the time to read a long shoujo series then you can probably read a one shot manga. My 1/3 Boyfriend is a quick read and it's definitely a delightful one especially for shoujo lovers out there.

It is quite popular in for it is ranked at number 27 among 600+ mangas in that site. Well, the male character is very appealing. You better check it out so that you'll know what I'm talking here. Ciao!

Vampire Knight

The best gothic romance manga ever! You can’t help yourself but fall in love with the nocturnal immortals who grace the pages in its every chapter. Vampire Knight is an ultimate page turner that will keep you at your feet as Yuuki’s hidden secret from the past is slowly revealed.

Kaname Kuran is the character I fell in love the most in this manga. Hahaha! He’s a pure blood vampire who saved Yuuki from a savaged blood-sucker during those cold snowy night ten years ago. I hope there will be new updates for this series. Can’t wait! Hehe!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Billion Girl

I’m quite disappointed that this manga doesn’t have any new updates. At first, I find its story very unrealistic, cliche, and too shallow. I didn’t even know why I continued reading it. But as the leading characters were slowly revealed, I quickly fell in love with them especially the long-haired guy Taiga. Hehehe! He’s actually a porn-novelist. There, I spilled it. Hahaha. The story is actually very interesting and a bit taboo. You should try to read it.


Whew! I’ve just finished reading 81 chapters of this manga. I started reading this one last week. But its story hasn’t ended yet. I’m still waiting for further updates on its website. If you’re into medieval and non-stop fighting stuff then this thing is for you. You’ll definitely love Raki and Clare, the main characters of the story.

We Love Manga

Above is the screen shot of the very first Otaku Festival held in Cebu City. Otaku Festival is the gathering of manga freaks, anime fanatics and cosplayers. Cosplaying, Online Gaming and Anime Movie Marathon are the common activities during the event.

This blogsite serves as a posting ground for my reviews of all the mangas that I love. Fellow manga readers are always welcome to comment and share their ideas. This is for all the manga lovers out there who had been enamored to the worlds created by our beloved and great mangakas. I will also be posting photos and reviews from various sources. Let us celebrate the beauty of the manga world!